Coughs, colds and flu: What to say and do if you fall sick in Spain

Winter in Spain brings all sorts of wonderful things, cocidos and skiing to name but a few. But it also brings various winter lurgies. Here’s the vocab you need to deal with colds and flu in Spain and the procedures you’ll need to follow if you fall victim to them. It’s the …read more Source:: […]

Foreigners are more worried about losing their job in Sweden

International residents are far more likely to be concerned about losing their job in Sweden than people born in the country, according to a new report. The Local has previously reported on the unemployment gap between native Swedes and immigrants in many articles. But not only that. A new report …read more Source::

How the French government could pay for your training or driving licence

Employees in France are entitled to up to €800 a year of training, which they can spend on extra workplace training or put towards the cost of a driving licence. And now there’s an app to make it easier to access. On Thursday, the French government launched a new …read more Source::

This is how much employees earn in Germany

Ever wondered what employees working in Germany take home every month? These figures shed some light on average incomes. Perhaps you’re thinking of getting a job in Germany and wondering what the average wages are. Or maybe you’re already based in the country and you’re curious to see how your …read more Source::

Should you be allowed to use an online sick note service to stay off work in Germany?

In Germany, workplaces require employees to provide a sick note from a GP when they are ill. But do you really need to visit a doctor for the certificate? A court case is raising these questions. The process of getting a Krankschreibung (doctor’s note) signed by a GP when you …read more Source::

‘Yellow vests’ and strikes fail to put off foreign investors in France

A year of weekly ‘yellow vest’ protests – some violent – across France has not put off foreign businesses from investing in the country, new research has found. The images of riot police out in force and restaurants burning on the Champs-Elysées were beamed around the world at the height of …read more Source::

German car parts giant Continental to cut 5,500 jobs

Continental confirmed it would slash some 5,500 jobs by 2028 as the German car parts giant seeks savings of €500 million annually. Of the total, thousands of jobs are under threat in Germany. The action comes amid a stuttering global car market and a weaker demand for combustion engines. The jobs cull affecting …read more […]

Over 80 percent of IT jobs in Germany still held by men

On the eve of International Men’s Day (November 19th), we take a look at government statistics showing the proportion of men and women represented in various careers in Germany. IT Jobs The report shows that men still dominate in most technical jobs. In fact, in 2018, 89 percent of employees in mechanical …read more Source:: […]

Know your rights: Are you allowed to have a relationship with a colleague in Spain?

Many in Spain were perplexed at the news earlier this month that McDonald’s boss Steve Easterbrook was fired from his job as head of UK operations for having a consensual relationship with an employee. Surely this is something that happens all the time, people said. So, can you really be fired …read more Source::

German luxury carmaker Daimler set to slash jobs to save €1 billion

Daimler said Thursday it planned to cut jobs to save more than €1 billion by the end of 2022, as it grapples with an expensive switch to greener vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz maker has also been hit by expensive recalls, a slowing global market and a €870 million fine in September for …read more Source::

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