REVEALED: The best towns in France to live in based on jobs and affordable property prices

If you’re looking for a place to live in France you will probably want beautiful scenery and a good local boulangerie – but what about the more practical stuff like jobs and affordable house prices? A new ranking has produced the most attractive French towns to live – based on …read more Source::

Unemployment: 200,000 jobless people in France set to lose benefits

And hundreds of thousands more unemployed people in France will lose some of their benefits, under President Emmanuel Macron’s new reforms which come into force today. The new rules, which Macron has defended as necessary to get the unemployed back to work, severely curtail access to benefits for some of the …read more Source::

Explained: Why do LinkedIn job ads lead to skilled workers being deported?

Finding a job on LinkedIn has led to several skilled professionals being ordered to leave Sweden. The Local explains why. In order to receive a work permit in Sweden, the job and the employer must meet certain criteria. Some of these are put in place in order to reduce the risk of …read more Source:: […]

These are the days off work you are entitled to in France

France is a country that has a strong culture of workers rights and while it’s not true that everyone in France works a 35 hour week and gets the whole of August off, as an employee you are entitled to quite a few days off. French workers are actually<a target="_blank" href="" …read more Source::

Revealed: This is the extent of sexual harassment in Germany’s workplaces

Sexual harassment in German workplaces is rife, a study by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency has found. Are managers doing enough to stop it? Inappropriate staring, verbal harassment and unwanted touching: having to put up with this kind of behaviour at work can be severely stressful for victims. And a new …read more Source::

These are the ‘special’ days when you can get paid time off in Germany

It’s not just for vacations or sick leave: there are many situations in Germany where you can take paid time off. We break them down. All full-time employees in Germany who work a full-day week, are entitled to at least 20 paid vacation days by law. This is a bare …read more Source::

What’s the future of co-working in Berlin?

In Berlin, a city cramped on office space and filled with freelancers, co-working has proven to be a popular model. What does its future in the capital look like? Co-working has been making waves for a while now, and nowhere more so in Germany than Berlin. The city has nearly 200 …read more Source::

Five reasons to start your own business in France

Whether you already live here and are slogging it out in a 9-5 job or dream of making the move, several government initiatives have made now a good time to set up your own business in France. So if you have a brilliant idea that you are convinced will make you …read more Source::

10 German words you need to know when looking for a job

German is not always the most intuitive language in the world, and looking for a job can leave you lost in a sea of unfamiliar vocabulary. So here’s a chance to brush up on some of the words you’ll need most when you go job-hunting. Stellenbörse This is where your job hunt …read more Source:: […]

France makes benefits available to people who resign to start their own business

Do you dream of leaving the 9-5 grind and setting up your own business? Well in France you could soon be able to claim benefits while you get your new project off the ground. As part of a raft of changes to France’s unemployment benefits system, which come in …read more Source::

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