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Senior Consulting Engineer, Embedded Expert (m/f/d)

Posting Location(s):Belgium-Wavre, France-Lyon, France-Paris, France-Toulon, France-Toulouse, France-Valbonne, France-Villeneuve, Germany-Berlin, Germany-Darmstadt, Germany-Hannover, Germany-Munich, Germany-Munich Area, Germany-Stuttgart, Italy-Milan, Italy-Rome, Italy-Turin, Netherlands-Eindhoven, Netherlands-Zoetermeer, Spain-Barcelona, Spain-Madrid, Sweden-Gothenburg, Sweden-Kista, Sweden-Stockholm, Switzerland-Lausanne, Switzerland-Zurich, United Kingdom-Abingdon (Milton Park), United Kin...

Software Developer II – Mechanical

SUMMARY Finite Element Analysis has reached maturity after almost 50 years of commercial availability. High Performance Computing, either on CPU or on GPU, has been heavily used in all the linear and non-linear algebra operation, enabling solving tens of millions of degrees of freedom very quickly. However, operations such as model generation and post processing, computation and archiving of derived results (criteria, combination of loads, fatigue, code check, mapping,...), where diversity ...
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