LXT is an emerging leader in AI training data to power intelligent technology for global organizations. In partnership with an international network of contributors, LXT collects and annotates data across multiple modalities with the speed, scale and agility required by the enterprise. We are seeking speakers to participate in an audio data collection project. As an Audio Data Collector, your primary task will be to read 50-100 phrases using your computer or laptop. The entire recording process is expected to take approximately 30 minutes. Requirements: Fluency in English Access to a computer or laptop for recording purposes. Clear and articulate pronunciation of English. Reliable internet connection for data submission. Responsibilities: Read and record 50-100 short phrases in English. Ensure clarity and accuracy in pronunciation. Submit the recorded data in a timely manner. Payment: Participants will be compensated $18.00 USD upon successful completion of the recording task. Payment will be via AirTm.