Are you into, social media, copy writing, PR, growth, launch, business and sales? We welcome students looking for a LIA position to PlotEye.You dont join us as an intern, you will be part of the team and have just as much to say as everyone else.We expect that you think out loud as we like creativity and different way of thinking as that make us stronger for the future. You will be a team member and we welcome you to update your linkedin profile as one of “us”.We are an agile team divided in several countries. We have daily standups every morning in zoom for 15 minutes to go through the plan of the day, what we did yesterday and if we have any blockers. We use a kanban planing in to do the right thing at the right time, priority based.We build MVP based, layers on layers with weekly releases on Thursdays. The current product is a SaaS / WebApp, and soon we will release an Android and iOS app. The product is not publicly launched yet, but will be a fast growing global startup that will disrupt the market. We have two type of work setups, to make sure we have a way of working that fit you.1. you work in the core team where you join the daily standup every morning and work together through out the day as best suited for the best possible team progress.2. you work on flexible times on tasks that we need to have done but has minimum dependencies on other team members, more stand alone tasks that are just as important but can be done outside of normal office hours. Our product challenge an area that have not yet been challenged by other startups making it a very interesting area to target and we have found a way to do that that will bring a unique value to the consumers. We see this as a way to find people that might be a good fit for us as employees in the future also and not just as a LIA position.Apply now by sending an email to