Bear in mind: You need to be located in Scandinavia, preferably Denmark to apply to this position. Hey you! First off: I bet you have read a dozen of the job descriptions for CTO, haven’t you? And you haven’t found a fit yet, I assume? Well – I’m glad that’s the case because we might be your next co-founders if you know your React.js. and Git.  What is DJTILBUD? Let me quickly tell you about our startup.  DJTILBUD is a platform connecting DJs with customers looking for a DJ. Customers receive 3 quotes on their event – be it a wedding, birthday or regular party. If the customer decides on a quote, DJTILBUD gets a commission. We have proved traction through a constant flow of customers who wish to receive 3 offers for DJs since August. Currently, we are getting approx. a lead a day. This is what you are getting your hands dirty with  We worked closely together with a developer and a UX’er from the consultancy TRIFORK to build our MVP software. The platform is up and running but it still needs some fine-tuning until it is ready to scale. This is where you’ll get in the picture.  The platform is built in :  Next.js (TypeScript) as a frontend ChakraUI as the UI framework  Supabase as database.  .. rest your case. The software is documented, and you will have an onboarding session with a consultant from Trifork to synchronise you with the software.  About who you might join  Laust: This text is written by me, Laust – one of the co-founders. I  graduated from CBS this summer, and I have 4 years of experience in digital marketing (SEO, e-mail marketing and Google Ads) and web design in WordPress and Figma.  Arthur: The other part of DJTILBUD is Arthur, who also graduated from CBS this summer. He brings five years of digital marketing experience as well and he has a knack for data analysis. Also, Arthur has formerly managed developers in another startup and is familiar with fancy buzzwords such as user stories, MVP, Sprints etc.  Together we make a good duo (in all honesty), but we need technical expertise ( you, hopefully? ) to become the preferred platform for selecting DJs in Denmark . Denmark is only the starting market, as we have ambitions for concurring other markets, starting with Scandinavia. We know we are a good duo as we have successfully started another company in 2021, LEJSB. In 2023, we delivered 180 Soundbokses to Roskilde Festival attendees. However, this industry is seasonal, hence we wish to dominate the DJ market f.  So, what’s your role in it?  Disclaimer : As a CTO, you will not work isolated from Arthur or me, Laust. Laust has skills in Figma and WordPress web design, while Arthur engages in customer dialogues, gathering feedback to enhance the platform. We’re all hands-on in shaping the software together. You’ll be joining us part-time to further develop our web-based platform where customers get their offers. Essentially, you’ll be the third co-founder with full responsibility for our platform’s evolution. Ready to dive in? You’ll be responsible for:  Collaborating with Laust and Arthur in shaping the direction of our platform. Further developing our MVP of the software to secure the best user experience for both customers and DJs Making decisions on the technology that will best facilitate the platform’s scalability. You should have experience with:  React.js TypeScript Git It’s a plus if you have experience working with:  Next.js ChakraUI Supabase What’s on the table for you The chance to step into the role of a co-founder at DJTILBUD. Working with Arthur and Laust who have gotten their hands dirty within marketing, sales and UI/UX for the last 5 years  A key role in a company ( the software is the foundation of our company, duh? ) where things move fast, fast, fast ️, and your work has a direct impact. A seat at our incubator at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship with other cool startups and program managers to help us grow. The practical stuff  If we believe you’re the right fit, we’d like to invite you for a trial period every Tuesday (9 AM – 5 PM) over one month at our Frederiksberg office. During this time, we’ll collaborate and see how well the three of us work together. Rest assured, you’ll be economically compensated for the hours you contribute. Ready to dive into this trial with us? Apply by linking your LinkedIn profile and we’ll be in touch. Also : Both Arthur and Laust speak Danish and English fluently.