Edify is a company that is approaching the area of business English communication development in a new and unique way. By combining the best practices of face-to-face training with technology-driven tracking and analysis we provide our clients with clear, quantifiable results without losing the human touch.

We develop organisations by embedding a team of English agents within the target company to fulfil that client’s English communication support and learning needs. Every trainer is assigned a group of learners who they are responsible for developing over an extended period with the opportunity to observe and promote progress on a one-to-one basis.

We are currently looking for full time agents to join us. The position offers the chance to be part of a new, energetic team and to work in a position that truly helps people by supporting and developing their skills. Every day is different with a unique set of challenges and rewards which comes with working directly with people to prepare them for international communication.

The successful applicant need not have a lot of experience in teaching ESL but we are looking for engaging professionals who can encourage learners to communicate openly and manage learning development towards clearly defined job-related tasks. The nature of the job requires a native English speaker or equivalent.

The field of training will be business English communication skills for professionals, including specific areas such as presentations, meetings, email correspondence, etc. depending on an individual’s exact needs.

The location will either be in central Frankfurt or in the immediate surrounding area and the successful applicants will be located on one site.

This a salaried position with the benefits associated with a full-contract. The initial salary will be €30,000 – €35,000 p.a. with a lot of potential for growth within the company.

As a full-time position the role requires 40 hours per week with some flexibility regarding starting and finishing times. It is expected that the successful applicants will work as part of our team for the long-term.

If you are interested in hearing more about the opportunities we can provide I would be delighted to give you further information or to arrange a face-to-face discussion.

Jamie Patel
Managing Director, Edify.

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