thebigword is awarded the "civilians on the battlefield" contract – All applications welcome!


We are pleased to announce that thebigword has won the unique opportunity with the the U.S Military in Hohenfels, Germany to provide role players and extras in support of training exercises. 

As a role player you will arrive on site in Hohenfels and be given a script to learn… your character could be anything at all, from a person of high importance, to someone who has been injured in the street. This is a huge exercises whereby full equipment, costume and makeup is provided by the military. It is an extremely unique opportunity and will suit anyone who is looking for some temporary work over the summer and perhaps into next year as well! Some exercises will require up to 450 role players which is also an excellent opportunity to expand your network. It is difficult to imagine, but the training area consists of around 11 created villages all of which have different role plays and scenarios taking place.

Whilst you are involved in the rotations you will be provided with food and accommodation for the duration of the exercise on site. thebigword will ensure that as long as you can make your way to a specific location in Germany that transport is available to pick you up and take you to the training area itself. 

We are looking for people who can offer the following languages and would be interested in being involved in an ongoing opportunity….


German & English
German & English & polish
German & English & Czech
German & English & Russian
German & English & Arabic
Deutsch & Englisch & Dari
German & English & Spanish

We welcome applications from everyone, people from all walks of life! We require no experience, no qualifications, simply the ability to speak German and some English. 


To be considered for the opportunity, role players must live in Germany or the surrounding countries such as Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic etc.. including having a right to work in Germany.


Involved in COB before? Feel free to fill everything out in one go! – German

Want a call with one of the team first? Feel free to fill out the initial expression of interest form below;

We will look forward to hearing from you,

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