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Employment type: Limited
Working hours: Full-Time
Joblocation: Reutlingen

Are you interested in innovative application of Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data analytics to enhance the performance of MEMS inertial sensors?
Apply now and navigate the challenges of miniaturization, the integration of advanced computational techniques with MEMS sensor technology.

  • Data-Driven Innovation: Your research will be dedicated to leveraging machine learning algorithms and big data analytics to significantly improve the performance metrics of MEMS inertial sensors
  • Holistic Approach to Performance Enhancement: The project offers the chance to spearhead efforts in applying ML and Big Data to address specific performance challenges in MEMS sensor technology
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Working closely with teams across various disciplines, including MEMS technology, data science, and software development, to foster a comprehensive approach to enhancing sensor performance through innovative data analysis and algorithmic solutions
  • Expert Network: Become part of a collaborative network of experts focusing on inertial systems, encompassing MEMS, ASIC, packaging, testing, and especially software/algorithms for advanced data analytics

  • Personality: Passionate about interdisciplinary teamwork, bringing creativity and a problem-solving mindset to the forefront of ML and Big Data applications in sensor technology
  • Working Practice: Proactive and independent working style, coupled with a strong capability in handling complex datasets and applying ML techniques to uncover performance-enhancing insights
  • Experience and Knowledge: Solid foundation in machine learning, big data analytics and their application in enhancing the performance of physical sensors or related technologies; Knowledge of MEMS sensors is beneficial
  • Languages: Proficiency in English
  • Education: M.Sc./Dipl. in Microsystems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, or a related field, with excellent academic achievements and proven expertise

  • Work-life balance: Flexible working in terms of time, place and working model.
  • Health & Sport: Wide range of health and sports activities.
  • Childcare: Intermediary service for childcare services.
  • Employee discounts: Discounts for employees.
  • Room for creativity: Space for creative work.
  • In-house social counseling and care services: Social counselling and intermediary service for care services.

The recruitment contact or superior will be happy to provide information about the individual benefit plan.