NICE Europe Research GmbH (NICE Europe) is a subsidiary of China Energy Investment Group (China Energy) based in Berlin, Germany. Being an integral part of China Energy’s globalized research and development layout, NICE Europe features in integrated European-Chinese innovation culture and advanced technology, and operates business in new energy technology research and development with purposes of promoting and accelerating carbon neutrality and making its own contribution in alleviating global climate change.

Its parent company, China Energy, operates eight business segments including coal, thermal power, new energy, hydropower, transportation, coal-to-chemicals, environmental technology and finance. Those businesses distribute in more than 10 countries and regions, including China, Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. It is the world’s largest producer of coal, thermal power, wind power, as well as coal-to-chemicals. China Energy has 227 billion euros in assets and 350,000 employees. Its total assets ranked 76th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2023.

We are building teams to develop cutting-edge sustainable and affordable technologies to improve energy efficiency, protect the environment, and mitigate climate change. Our ability to excel depends on the integrity, knowledge, skill, imagination, passion, and teamwork of people like you. Currently we have openings for leading experts with a range of focus areas including energy, chemistry, and artificial intelligence. We offer competitive compensation packages and excellent benefits.

Join us and become a leader in driving clean energy innovation, together shaping the brilliant future of the new energy sector!

  • Utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze chemical data, predict the properties of potential catalysts, and assist in designing optimized, active, and selective new catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction.
  • Utilize robotics technology for high-throughput experimentation, rapidly synthesizing and testing a large number of catalyst candidates to accelerate the discovery of new materials for carbon dioxide reduction.
  • Analyze experimental data from materials characterization techniques, correlate material properties with catalytic performance, guide optimization of catalyst formulations and synthesis methods, and enhance the activity of carbon dioxide reduction.
  • Employ artificial intelligence-based computational modeling techniques to predict the atomic-level behavior of catalysts, simulate the adsorption, activation, and reaction pathways of carbon dioxide, identify promising catalyst candidates, and guide experimental work towards the most effective design direction.
  • Continuously learn and apply new artificial intelligence algorithms and technologies, optimize prediction models, and improve catalyst development strategies to accelerate the discovery and optimization process of carbon dioxide reduction catalysts.

  • Education Requirement: A full-time master’s degree or above in related majors such as Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Materials Science, Computer Science, Energy and Power Engineering, New Energy Generation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Power Technology, etc.
  • Work Experience: At least 3 years of work experience with experience in AI-assisted catalyst development.
  • Professional Skills: Proficiency in artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques, with expertise in data analysis and model construction.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent communication and teamwork skills, ability to collaborate effectively with interdisciplinary teams.
  • Language Proficiency: Fluent in English and/or German, able to work in a multicultural environment.

  • Attractive and performance-related remuneration, company pension schemes, subsidy for lunch and transportation
  • Flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes
  • Ample opportunity to contribute your own ideas
  • Pleasant working atmosphere in a highly motivated and experienced team
  • Opportunity for further training and qualification