Pond Security Service GmbH has successfully provided a variety of security service solutions to an ever growing number of government, business, and private customers. We have placed significant focus on providing high quality security services to the U.S. Government and its allies as well as customers that need professional security solutions to meet their security needs.


Through our experience in the security service industry, our state of the art training programs provided by the Bildungszentrum Pond Academy GmbH, and our ongoing commitment to excellence, Pond Security Service GmbH continues to define quality standards for the whole industry.


We are currently searching for new employees for a variety of positions in the following specific cities as well as in multiple cities across the below areas:


Ansbach area, Baumholder city, Berlin city, Düsseldorf city, Frankfurt city, Garmisch city, Grafenwoehr and Vilseck area, Hamburg city, Hohenfels area, Kaiserslautern and Landstuhl area, Leipzig city, Munich city, Stuttgart city, Dülmen area and Wiesbaden area. 


Standard Qualifications:

  • Willingness and the necessary reliability to work with a duty weapon

  • Competent German and English Language capabilities

  • A clean Background

  • Good customer relation skills

  • Willingness to attend training


We offer:

  • Proper and timely payment of wages in accordance or exceeding German labor law requirements

  • Opportunities for advancement


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