Position Summary:

A Civilian on the Battle (COB) candidate will perform role-playing work at a professional level for the U.S. Army field training exercises. The purpose of COB role players is to facilitate realistic training scenarios in order to prepare military personel for real world emergency situations which the unit will likely encounter during operations (Guard I Employment Category). COBs will portray village residents and background extras to enhance training realism for participating military units. 


  • Must be able to pass a U.S. government-issued background check and maintain a top secret security eligibility
  • Pass a basic fitness test prior to employment
  • Must be able to walk considerable distances (20+ km), carry baggage in arms and on shoulders, and be exposed to simulated fire ranges
  • Must be able to work from a field environment, both inside and outside and in all weather conditions
  • Must be able to work a possible 8+ hour shift
  • Must demonstrate language proficiency in English and German with an equivalent ILR (Interagency Language Roundtable) score of 1 or 2

General Duties:

  • Accurately depict the local populace through the portrayal of translators, officials, dignitaries, townspeople, resistance forces, etc.
  • Apply cultural knowledge to the realism of military scenarios
  • Provide appropriate social media replication for targeted populace

Language Sets Needed:

  • English (ILR Level II)
  • German (ILR Level II)
  • Czech (ILR Level II)
  • Polish (ILR Level II)
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