Overview & Company

Monoprice Inc and Monoprice GmbH, are the #1 Selling Brand of 3D Printers in the US, and a large supplier of a broad selection of high-quality, competitively priced business and consumer electronics.

This is a unique opportunity to be one of the first team members of Monoprice GmbH in Berlin, Germany.

Goals & Objectives

  • Create a community of engaged customers and potential customers online.
  • Influencer engagement – increase the number of high-impact individuals reviewing and talking about our 3D printers.
  • Technical Support – work directly with customers and internal resources to support our customers, post-sale.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Community Manager:
    • Partner with US Product Management – become the EU SME for Monoprice 3D Printers and work closely with Product Management & Marketing in the US, coordinating initiatives and new launches.
    • Events – Show our product at Maker Faire and other similar events, with raffles and giveaways.
    • Online Evangelist – Active on social media, engaging customers and potential customers.
    • Influencer Engagement – Engage individuals online who are highly active in this space and incent them to talk about our 3D printers.
  • Technical Support
    • Customers – Work with customers post-sales who have technical issues and fix it.
      • Work with Product Management to improve product and lower technical support requirements
      • Train customer and technical support to improve post-sales and pre-sale support.
      • Returns – Manage customer returns and leverage as raffles or give-ways with other activities.

Education, Experience & Skills

  • High School degree or equivalent
  • Consumer 3D Printer familiarity: Do you own a 3D Printer? Do you love DIY? Do you belong to any groups?
  • Technical & Mechanical know-how: Do you understand how the parts of a 3D printer work together?
  • Social Media: How active are you? Do you lead any groups or are you actively engaged? What channels?
  • English & German fluency at a C1/C2 level or better.
  • French or Spanish would be nice but not required.
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