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The Local contributor finds work, can stay in Denmark after employer reads article

In November, Yater Dabbo wrote to The Local about the challenges faced by skilled foreign professionals looking for work in Denmark, and how his personal situation reflected the issue. Two months later, Dabbo was contacted by a potential employer who had read his contribution on our website – and was eventually …read more Source::

‘Singing brings people together and can change the world’

MY SWEDISH CAREER: “Sweden has been good to me, and I feel very lucky that I’ve been able to be myself here,” says singer, vocal coach and theatre school director Kimberley Akester. The singer moved to Stockholm around 18 years ago, and since then her career has taken her around …read more Source::

Study: German job market needs immigration from outside of EU

With the number of immigrants from other EU countries expected to decrease in the coming years, and amid a growing population decline, Germany is in need of more non-EU workers, says a study published Tuesday. The German labour market needs at least 260,000 immigrants every year in the medium- …read more Source::

German military looks to recruit in other EU nations

Germany’s military chief said Thursday he was considering recruiting in other EU nations to target specialists like IT professionals and medical doctors. The proposal – controversial because to critics it evokes a “mercenary army” rather than a force of loyal citizen-soldiers — is “one option” being looked at, General Eberhard Zorn …read more Source::

My Swedish Career: Seven inspiring interviews to read in 2019

Each week, The Local interviews a different international person working in Sweden for our My Swedish Career series. They never fail to deliver a dose of inspiration, and their careers range from particle physics to parkour. Here are seven stories sure to inspire you as we enter 2019. 1. ‘Don’t …read more Source::

‘The moment you think you’ve got it, you haven’t’

“Intuition has played a big role in my life, guiding me where to go,” says counsellor and acupuncturist Gerry Phoenix in this week’s My Swedish Career interview. After 15 years working as a therapist, he believes this gut instinct has always served him well, even when it hasn’t seemed like it …read more Source::

Unemployment: Swiss jobless rate lowest in a decade

The average monthly unemployment rate in Switzerland last year was 2.6 percent, the lowest figure in ten years, according to figures published by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) on Tuesday. The 2017 monthly average unemployment rate was 3.2 percent while in 2016 that figure was 3.3 percent. In a …read more Source::

Vodafone set to cut up to 1,200 jobs in Spain

Vodafone said Thursday it planned to cut up to 1,200 jobs in Spain as it streamlines its organisation to cope with a drop in revenue and profits in a fiercely competitive telecommunications market. In a statement, the group said it would kick off consultations with worker representatives at the end of …read more Source::

Sweden reaches lowest unemployment rate in a decade

Sweden’s unemployment rate has reached its lowest figure in ten years, data from the Public Employment Service shows. In December, the unemployment rate in Sweden was just seven percent, according to figures from the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen). That’s a drop of 0.5 percentage points compared with the same month the …read more Source:: […]

Five quick tips for finding a job in France (from an expert)

Finding a job in France can be tough but there are a few rules you can follow that will help you land that perfect role. Founder of the Mister Bilingue employment agency Ludovic Martin tells us his five top tips for job hunting in France. It’s no secret that …read more Source::

Why are strikes so rare in Sweden?

Around 1,000 port workers were involved in industrial action this week, when a dockworkers’ union organized a strike and employers responded with a lockout. But in general, workers in Sweden strike much less than in almost every other country in the world. This article is available to Members of The Local. …read more Source::

Austrian employers woo refugees amid labour shortage

Austria’s right-wing government might defend tough anti-immigration policies but employers were out to attract refugees at a special jobs fair last week as the country faced pressing labour shortages. “Would you like to work in security? Please leave your CV with us” was a typical pitch. The event in Vienna attracted …read more Source::

Good news for workers in Spain as jobless queue shortens

Spain’s unemployment rate dropped in 2018 as the country’s services sector, which includes all-important tourism, generated more jobs, official figures showed Tuesday. At the end of 2018, it stood at 14.45 percent, down from 16.5 percent at end-2017, the national statistics institute (INE) said. That brings the number …read more Source::

Looking for work in France? Here are the most sought after jobs for 2019

There are job vacancies across every region in France, with openings for all kinds of trades. *This is a language learner article* *This is a French language learner article. The words in bold are translated into French at the bottom of the article. France’s economic growth under President Emmanuel Macron hasn’t been …read more Source:: […]

‘I have no idea what a lagom artist could possibly be’

MY SWEDISH CAREER: John-Paul Zaccarini is the first-ever circus professor to lecture at Stockholm University of the Arts. He sat down with The Local to talk about his career, his relationship with Sweden, and everything else from elves to dinner parties. Circus artist Zaccarini was already in love with Sweden when …read more Source::