Coughs, colds and flu: What to say and do if you fall sick in Spain

Winter in Spain brings all sorts of wonderful things, cocidos and skiing to name but a few. But it also brings various winter lurgies. Here’s the vocab you need to deal with colds and flu in Spain and the procedures you’ll need to follow if you fall victim to them. It’s the …read more Source:: […]

‘Germany needs 500,000 new immigrants every year’

Germany is grappling with a ticking demographic time bomb. The Local spoke with FDP politician Christian Dürr who says immigration is the key to the country’s future. As a society, we are living longer – and that’s a good thing. But there is a lot of debate over how …read more Source::

These are the days off you could be entitled to in Spain

Working culture in Spain can be very different from what you are used to. Long working hours, two-hour lunch breaks and all those public holidays. It’s not (entirely) true that everyone has to take their holidays in August so what are the rules? Obviously there’s maternity leave but did you know …read more Source::

Spain’s public holidays in 2020: Official list

Get organized and start planning those weekends away! Here is the official list of the bank holidays in Spain, which means you can start planning your puentes – the Spanish custom of taking the day off to bridge the weekend with the holiday – and get the best deals on flights. Here …read more Source:: […]

Swedish small business boom expected as rules change

Entrepreneurs across Sweden started 100,000 more new businesses in the past decade compared to the previous ten years, and the figure is expected to keep growing. In 2010-2019 almost 649,000 new businesses were set up in Sweden, according to a fresh report by accounting software provider Visma using statistics by the …read more Source::

German jobless count ‘stable’ after recession warning

Germany’s unemployment rate held close to historic lows in December, official data showed Friday, a relief after a second successive year squeaking by recession. While the number of workers out of a job increased by 8,000, that was not enough to shift the jobless rate higher than its long-held 5.0 percent, the …read more Source:: […]

These are the days off work you are entitled to in France

France is a country that has a strong culture of workers’ rights and while it’s not true that everyone in France works a 35 hour week and gets the whole of August off, as an employee you are entitled to quite a few days off. French workers are actually<a target="_blank" href="" …read more Source::

Why has German car production hit a 22-year low?

Carmakers built just 4.7 million cars in Germany in 2019, industry data showed Monday, squeezing production to its lowest level since 1997 as US-China trade tensions sapped vital foreign markets. The powerful VDA carmakers’ club said output had tumbled nine percent year-on-year, blaming “weaker international demand” for the fall. The lower appetite from abroad comes […]

How to get a job in Germany if you don’t fit all the criteria

Many people become dissuaded from applying for a job because they don’t meet all of the requirements. Our German career columnists Chris Pyak explains why this shouldn’t (necessarily) scare them away. One question that I get asked regularly: How do I know if I can apply for a job, if …read more Source::

Five things to know about working for an NGO in Germany

The world of non-governmental organization, or NGOs, in Germany is diverse and complex, just like in the rest of Europe. Here’s what you need to know. To understand its nuances – where it differs from other European-based NGOs – and to grasp its relationship with the German government is important …read more Source::

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