How Bavaria plans to shake up German working time rules

The Bavarian state government wants to make rules on rest and maximum working hours more flexible. The government, led by a coalition of the Christian Democrats’ sister party the CSU, and the Freie Wähler (Free Voters), believes current regulations are outdated. The laws allow for an employee in Germany to work eight …read more Source:: […]

How to reach out to German employers on LinkedIn or Xing

German career coach Chris Pyak shares his top tips for connecting with potential employers online – beyond just pressing a button. One in five “international hires” in Germany believes that making friends is easy here. Sixty percent disagree. We Germans don’t open up easily. In today’s column I share my favourite …read more Source::

More women than men are unemployed in Sweden – and foreigners are the worst off

More women than men are unemployed in Sweden, according to new figures. After a long period of falling steadily, Sweden’s unemployment rate remained on the rise in August, with almost 350,000 people classed as unemployed. That’s 8,000 more than in the same month last year. Among women, the unemployment rate was 7.0 …read more Source:: […]

VIDEO: Seven jobs you can only do in Germany

Looking for a new job in Germany? Expect to come across a few career options that differ from those in the country you left behind. From engineering firms or bar work to start-ups, there are lots of potential jobs across Germany. But aside from the more common roles, there are a few …read more Source:: […]

Jobs in Germany: Four out of 10 new employees hired on a limited contract

If you start a new job in Germany, there’s a high chance you’ll get a contract with an expiry date. Now labour market researchers have also evaluated what kind of firms are more likely to offer fixed-term contracts. There were a total of 3.87 million new employees subject to social insurance …read more Source::

My Swedish Career: ‘The immigration process was a huge bummer’

MY SWEDISH CAREER: Nepal-born IT developer Anish Tamrakar takes us through his experiences moving to Stockholm and the major differences between working in Nepal and Sweden. “We thought to ourselves, so this is what an apocalypse looks like,” Anish Tamrakar recalls. That was his reaction to the calm and quiet on …read more Source::

88 days till Christmas – and why this matters for finding a job in Germany

German jobs expert Chris Pyak explains why more employers are looking to hire at this time of year. As of Monday, September 2nd, there are 88 days till Christmas. More people find jobs in the time between the end of the summer holidays and Christmas eve than in the rest …read more Source::

The Ultimate A to Z Guide to Teaching English in Spain

New to the English Teaching game? Well, I’d love to say “there’s no need to worry”, but that would be foolish. Fear not! Khephra C White has produced a few tips of the trade that will help you on your way. Kick back, relax, and get ready to face your new …read more Source::

Record summer for job openings in Switzerland

Nearly 190,000 jobs were up for grabs in Switzerland in August, the highest-ever summer figure according to a new report. In total, there were 188,749 jobs available on August 15th, according to the latest quarterly Jobradar put out by Swiss firm x28. That is below the figure of 196,841 jobs …read more Source::

Is it ever legally too hot to go to work or school in Germany?

As temperatures remain high across Germany, we looked at whether it can ever be too hot to work or go to school. Here’s what you need to know. With temperatures upwards of 30C expected in some parts of Germany this week, it’s certainly super hot out there. And due to the fact …read more Source:: […]

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