Sweden reaches lowest unemployment rate in a decade

Sweden’s unemployment rate has reached its lowest figure in ten years, data from the Public Employment Service shows. In December, the unemployment rate in Sweden was just seven percent, according to figures from the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen). That’s a drop of 0.5 percentage points compared with the same month the previous year, and […]

My Swedish Career: Seven inspiring interviews to read in 2019

Each week, The Local interviews a different international person working in Sweden for our My Swedish Career series. They never fail to deliver a dose of inspiration, and their careers range from particle physics to parkour. Here are seven stories sure to inspire you as we enter 2019. 1. ‘Don’t try to blend in all […]

Election Q&A: How do you want to decrease unemployment among foreigners?

The Local asked Sweden’s eight parties to answer a number of questions relevant to internationals living and working in Sweden. There is a significant gap in unemployment between native Swedes and foreign-born workers. Even skilled international job hunters report that it can be difficult to break into the Swedish labour market. We asked the parties: […]

What NOT to do when you’re freelancing in Germany

Thanks to a mountain of bureaucracy, a tricky healthcare system and a complicated language, freelancing in Germany can seem overwhelming at times, but there are ways to make it work. Here’s our tips on what you should avoid doing when you decide to go ‘Selbstständig’ or self employed. Don’t fill out the forms without help […]

Why Brexit is a double-edged sword for Germany: Special report

“We need the British…because they are part of the community of pragmatic, reasonable countries and because they are politically, culturally and economically similar to us Germans.” So wrote Germany’s largest weekly, Spiegel, in a piece headlined ‘Don’t Leave Us’ and published in the UK shortly before the Brexit referendum in June 2016. Germany had a […]

German military looks to recruit in other EU nations

Germany’s military chief said Thursday he was considering recruiting in other EU nations to target specialists like IT professionals and medical doctors. The proposal – controversial because to critics it evokes a “mercenary army” rather than a force of loyal citizen-soldiers — is “one option” being looked at, General Eberhard Zorn told the Funke newspaper […]

‘Even though you can survive here without Swedish, it’s respectful to make an effort’

British-born David Ashby came to Sweden in 2002. Moving from Brighton to Gothenburg to be with his now-wife, the English teacher-turned-author tells The Local that the past 16 years have been a voyage of cultural discovery. This article is part of The Local’s My Swedish Career series. Read more interviews with international professionals and entrepreneurs […]

‘Sweden is not the paradise society everyone imagines: it’s more real’

Dutch student Niels Back came to Stockholm for an internship at the Dutch embassy in August this year. He chatted to The Local about what made him decide on Sweden and what he’s learned in four months here. “I was studying International Relations and Swedish when I heard about the internship at the embassy,” the […]

My German career: How a Syrian soap shop owner in Berlin cleaned up his act

After 22 years and a devastating war, longtime Syrian in Berlin John Al Haddad continues producing soap for locals, updating a centuries-old formula from his native Aleppo. A compromise isn’t in the cards. The year is 1996, and a 24-year old John Al Haddad was to finish his economic studies in Frankfurt am Main, having […]

Update: ‘Historic day’ as Germany takes step forward in relaxing rules for foreign workers

Worker-starved Germany plans to ease immigration rules to attract foreign jobseekers and replenish its fast ageing workforce, despite mounting public resistance against new arrivals. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet approved a new immigration law which still has to be formally approved by parliament next year, possibly with some amendments. Economy Minister Peter Altmaier hailed as a […]

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